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On November 7, 2019, the 21st China Retail Expo (CHINASHOP 2019) was grandly opened at Qingdao World Expo City in Shandong.


China's retail sales are gradually maturing to a new stage. The ISLE promotion team is also actively participating in this exhibition to grasp the new industry information and understand the latest concerns of exhibitors and procurement.


2020 ISLE created a scene-based exhibition model, the scale of the exhibition increased to 160,000 square meters, focusing on the creation of new retail scenes, and actively promoting the supply and demand matching between merchants. Exhibitors will showcase their branded products and core technologies in an all-round way, and by giving them an immersive interactive live experience, give buyers the most intuitive experience and motivate them to make purchasing plans.


At the exhibition site, the ISLE promotion team and the new retail industry association actively contacted each other and the two sides reached a cooperation intention. Next, the two parties will specifically formulate and implement the procurement plans and issues for the internationally renowned luxury goods, cosmetics, and large-scale Shangchao Group.


In addition, the promotion team also visited a number of new and old customers (exhibitors) and the site to meet the strength of overseas buyers in the new retail sector. Merchants have said that China's new retail innovation technology is in the forefront of the world, exhibitors are constantly upgrading their own strength, buyers are very eager to have more opportunities to understand and adopt more "Made in China" and " China's strength, to help the development of new retail business. 2020 ISLE is coming, we will all be ready to build the best trade matching platform for both parties and achieve international cooperation opportunities.


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February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuyong New Hall)


Big platform, big business opportunities, big future

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