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2019-10-14 16:54:00 578

On October 10, 2019,

ISLE team came to Shanghai new international expo center,

Participated in Shanghai international light and sound exhibition,

Conduct investment promotion for 2020 shenzhen ISLE.

Exhibition Site

  Shanghai International Professional Lighting & Audio Exhibition is the leading trading platform for professional audio, lighting, entertainment and large event technology industries in Asia. The scope of the exhibits are: integrated system/audio,sound/stageaequipment/accessories /recording and production/entertainment audio-visual applications /LED/ stage machinery and theater technology.


ISLE promotion

   With the continuous development of intelligent, Internet of things, AI and other technologies, the boundaries of professional audio-visual fields will be infinitely enlarged. In order to attract more suppliers to join ISLE 2020, ISLE team will communicate and negotiate with friends from the same meeting to introduce ISLE's rich merchant resources and encourage more suppliers to join ISLE 2020!


       ISLE team also had an in-depth exchange with the hunan officeaofaChinaaperformingaartsaequipmentatechnologyaassociation. 

       We have learned about the featured products and target customer groups of the association's memberaenterprises. At the same time, the leaders of the association fully recognize the role of ISLE show in promoting the development of regional industry and express their expectation to work together with us.


The ISLE has a bigger layout and more big news

Continue to be surprised, please stay tuned


February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center (fuyong new hall)


Great platform,great business opportunities, great future

For more information about the exhibition, please visit the ISLE website:


Exhibitor pre-registration has been started, looking forward to your call:

👤 Ms.Chen:020-8926 8256(Working days

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Audience appointment registration has been opened, welcome to follow the WeChat public number, please consult for details:

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