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Bangladesh printing industry is booming 

ISLE promotion team quickly attacked

Going on September 26-28

Participated in the Bangladesh Dhaka Screen Printing Exhibition SPB

ISLE promotion

The Dhaka Screen Printing Exhibition in Bangladesh SPB is Screen Print Bangladesh's annual screen printing exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its exhibits range from printing, sublimation, signage, dyes and chemicals .

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Bangladesh in 1975, the two countries have maintained friendly cooperative relations and the scope of cooperation has been continuously expanded. Due to the high quality and low price of Chinese goods, the Bangladesh market favors it. It can be seen that the Bangladesh market has great potential for Chinese businesses.

During the exhibition, our promotion team learned that textiles are Bangladesh's largest export industry, and high-speed textiles and garments account for 78% of total exports. The corresponding screen printing industry is also developing rapidly in Bangladesh. In 2017, the printing industry's output value has reached 27.2 billion US dollars.

To this end, we introduced the advantages of ISLE 2020 one-stop shopping and procurement with the exhibitors and buyers attending the conference, and sincerely invited them to visit and purchase at ISLE 2020. Many exhibitor buyers said that they would travel to Shenzhen to share the style of ISLE 2020, and pay attention to the products and partners .

ISLE's bigger layout, more heavy news, strong attack

Surprise continues, so stay tuned

February 24-27, 2020

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuyong New Hall)


Big platform, big business opportunities, big future

Exhibition information, please pay attention to ISLE official website:


Exhibitor pre-registration has been launched and we look forward to your call:

👤 Miss Chen: 020-8926 8256 (working days)

👤 Miss Liang: 020-8926 8296 (working days)

The appointment registration of the audience has also been opened. Welcome to pay attention to the WeChat public account. For details, please consult:

👤 Miss Bi: 020-8926 8218 (working days)

👤 Mr. Zhang: 020-8926 8292 (working days)

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