Nine LED Display Industrial Standards drafted by COEMA become of

2021-02-05 09:39:00 489

On 2nd Feb., 2021, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association (‘COEMA’) organized an online conference, experts reviewing nine industrial standards including: 

(1) Technical specification for indoor COB small pitch LED display screen;

(2) General technical requirements for asynchronous LED displays controller (card) without gray-scale;

(3) P2.5/P1.9 technical requirements for indoor LED cloud screen;

(4) SMD series spectrum for indoor small pitch full color LED display screen;

(5) Technical specification for indoor LED AIO machine;

(6) Technical requirements for asynchronous LED display player;

(7) LED display screen around the stadium;

(8) Specification for indoor small space / mini LED display screen;

(9) LED display terms and definitions.


The nine industrial standards focusing on the industry’s heated topics. And after more than three years’ discussion and evaluation by heavyweight experts in the industry, consensuses have finally been reached. These nine standards are all drafted and compiled by the Standards Committee of LED display application branch of COEMA. 


As a long-term strategic partner of LED display application branch of COEMA, ISLE exhibition has always maintained close cooperation with COEMA and its Standards Committee. Meanwhile, COEMA, as the co-organizer of ISLE, has also continuously provided strong academic and technical support, providing expert resources & latest know-how.

The passing of the nine standards brings great benefit for ISLE exhibitors. It not only solves the key problem of the lacking of industrial standards in related area, provides enterprise quality certification and creates a positive environment for developing, but also promotes the collaborative development of the whole industry chain of the display industry, and further improves the LED display industrial ecosystem.