100+ inch New Products Launch of Leyard Domestic Micro LED Television

2021-06-24 11:14:00 411

Application of micro LED display technology and realization of full-scale micro-led home TV layout, become a new focus of display industry and a new milestone in consumer electronics.



On June 16, Leyard officially launched a series of Micro LED family TV of Planar, including 108 inches, 135 inches, 162 inches and 216 inches. This has "breakthrough significance" for the Leyard high-end household consumer electronics.


Unlike traditional TV displays, micro LED's RGB (red, green, blue) enables consumers to experience natural colors, just like seeing real objects. Since more than 8 million RGB pixels are controlled separately, the brightness and color of the screen can be expressed very accurately.

TV machine with 100 inch or larger size used to be rare in the market, but this is set to change soon enough, with Leyard, and several other LED display manufacturers announcing their entry into the domestic TV market, including LG, SONY, Samsung