ISLE 2021 Key Exhibitor Introduction: LEYARD

2021-03-25 11:43:00 441

LEYARD is a global leader in audio-visual technology products and application platforms. At present, it has 9 production bases and 7 international marketing centers. The company's business covers intelligent display, urban lighting solution, culture / tourism ambience products, virtual reality technology, and provides visual effect services for domestic and foreign institutions and events.


At ISLE 2021, LEYARD will bring many top new products and solutions to the exhibition, mainly including LED display, fine pixel pitch LED display, LED transparent screen, LED rental screen, LED large screen, etc.


LEYARD launched a new generation of TX series of fine pixel pitch LED display products. The new products inherits a series of excellent features of TW platform, such as: 16:9 aspect ratio, 600mm box width, front and rear maintenance, six axis flatness adjustment, etc.



For more info about the products and exhibitors, please keep attention on ISLE 2021 online exhibition.