【ISLE 2020】 Exhibitor Tour----Songli(Booth No.:Hall 16-A53)

2020-07-09 11:43:00 418

Songli was founded in 2010.Mainly to inkjet photo, UV printing, thermal sublimation cloth art printing, picture design, exhibition display, display props, VI luminous logo production as one of the integrated entity enterprises.We have more than 30 sets of imported printing equipment with international leading technology, with a daily production of 15,000 square meters of printing, using imported EPSON B9080, EPSON S80680, EPSON S60680, EPSON P20080 series printers, UV printing and thermal sublimation using imported kyocera printers. All imported green ink, the highest printing accuracy up to 2880dpi. With a team of highly qualified and experienced staff, professional color equipment and engineers, the international standard ICC color management system is adopted to achieve color restoration to the greatest extent. 

Products are as follows,