A glance on Global LED Display Manufacturers' Market Share in 2020

2021-07-07 14:56:00 539

According to the latest “Global LED Display Market Analysis Report by Trendforce, which listed top ranking of LED display manufacturers in 2020. The No.1 was Leyard whose market share still reached 11.3%, ranking the first in the world; Unilumin also faced a decline in overseas performance, but under the strategy of expanding the proportion of business in the Chinese market, its revenue only slightly declined, ranking second with a global market share of 10.8%; coming third is a brand called Qiangli Panorama, mainly focuses on the Chinese market.

Ranking fourth to eighth were: Daktronics, Hikvision, Samsung Electronics, Absen and Shanxi High Tech Huaye.


On the whole, although the turnover of most manufacturers declined due to the impact of the epidemic last year, especially those companies who considering Europe and the United States as target markets, including Leyard, Unilumin and Absen. However, since the third quarter of last year, companies who mainly focused on domestic market such as Qiangli Panorama and Shanxi High-tech Huaye, have gradually and reached the sales peak in the fourth quarter.

The 2020 top eight LED display manufacturers enjoyed total global market share of 58%, comparing with 54% in 2019.


The global LED display market has been affected by the epidemic in 2020: overall output value US $5.53 billion, decreasing 12.8% comparing with previous year.


In 2021, as the market demand pick up, with price rise of upstream components due to supply shortage, LED display manufacturers will also increase the price of their products. In response, this year's LED display market output is expected to rise to US $6.27 billion, an annual increase of 13.5%.