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Fujian HooZoe Optoelectronic, Creating the Future with World-Class Quality


Fujian HooZoe Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (HooZoe) is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of a complete range of professional LED display products. As a total solution supplier to meet customers' needs, HooZoe has a professional technical team, an excellent sales team and a complete after-sale system, offering a complete series of products such as mono-color and dual-color LED displays, SMD (surface-mounted-device) full-color LED displays and outdoor full-color displays.

The company has been certified for its ROHS, CE, UL, IP65, FCC, ISO9001-2008, 3C and ISO14001 international environmental systems and ISO 18001 international occupational health system, and has also won many honorable titles from the government for its own utility design and patented technologies, such as uneven face cover, hot riveting part, rose series and constant voltage on one side. The titles earned include Top 100 Enterprises in Electronic Industry 2011, Preferred Brand of IT Products in Financial Industry in Fujian, China Base in Energy-Saving Illumination National Hi-Tech Technology Industry in Zhangzhou, Well-known Brand Enterprise in Fujian Province, Top 100 Enterprise in Electronic Industry in Fujian, Branded Enterprise in Fujian Province 2010, Major Tax Payer 2013, etc.

Introduction of HooZoe products

1. P10 SMD full-color 1/2 scanning high-luminance outdoor display

Product description
HooZoe P10 SMD full-color 1/2 scanning outdoor products have luminance of up to 7500cd/㎡, which is bright enough to allow pedestrians see the content on the display clearly 30 meters away. The visual effect is outstanding for advertising use. Its LED is driven by constant voltage, so that illumination is better distributed and power consumption is lower. Also, outdoor SMD P10 full-color 1/2 scanning products are serviceable on single spot with a single lamp, thus greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the display.

2. HooZoe Rose-series products

Product description
Ultra high luminance—Mono-color 246 ultra-bright lamp tube is used to produce brilliant and eye-catching colors.
Exclusive face cover—Exclusive reflective face cover plus hot riveting technology makes it suitable for use under very high or low temperature environment.
High integration—IC is simplified so that only one chipset is used in one product.
Low electricity consumption—87-watt electricity can be saved per square meter, with adjustable electric current.
Long service life--The product driven with low current can satisfy the need for watching while reducing luminance loss in the lamp tube.
High refresh rate—Ultra high refresh rate of up to 3200HZ allows people to take photos from the display with their DSLR camera or video camera.
No blur—No more smear phenomenon thanks to the built-in blur elimination function.
Smart backup--The module has a signal backup function so that any one dysfunctional chipset will not affect other parts in cascade connection.
Customized panel—Special interfaces are available for customized panels for higher value.
Ultra-long-panel-connection is supported for connection of a maximum of 100 panels.
Multi-patent--The hi-tech module has 2 patents for the integrated circuit and the hot riveting face cover.
Service free--The long-life and low-failure rate product allows worry-free and service-free use.
3. P3, P4 and P5 SMD high-refresh-rate full-color products
HooZoe P3 Indoor High-refresh-Rate

HooZoe P4 Indoor High-refresh-Rate Product

HooZoe P5 Indoor High-refresh-Rate Product

Product description
1. No smear
2. No blur due to LED leakage or short circuit
3. No reserve bias voltage impact that may affect the service life of LED
4. Ultra high refresh rate (of up to 2500 to 3000Hz)
5. High-performance PCB design, free of crosstalk interference, for an excellent low-gray effect.

(Special thanks to Fujian HooZoe Co., Ltd. for supplying the above materials.)

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